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Sanicat Clumping White Cotton Fresh 10L

  • Brand:Sanicat
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Betonite cat litter, from Sanicat, with cotton fresh scent , suitable for all open or closed toilets. Betonite is a natural mineral that has the ability to absorb moisture. At the same time, it offers your cat the possibility to dig and cover its droppings. Its cleaning is carried out by daily removal of feces, while you can replace all the sand once a week.

Basic features:

• Clumping: It has an adhesive effect and creates solid lumps when it comes into contact with moisture, a feature that makes it easy to clean

• Odor Control: Binds and eliminates odor from your cat's litter box

• Low Dust: Produces minimal dust and is ideal for pets with breathing problems or dust sensitivity

• Capacity: 10 lt

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